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On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

What does this mean for you and your vet practice hardware?

From January 14, 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance for any version of server 2008. This means Microsoft will no longer improve the product, accept warranty claims, or provide non-security fixes also known as mainstream support. End of support also means the end of vital security updates for any version of Server 2008, which already stopped as a service on July 9, 2019.

These hardware and security updates are critical to your business security and compliance issues and falling behind can put your applications and businesses at risk.

What is a senior server?

Senior servers are Windows Servers that are reaching their end of support lifecycle. Microsoft are no longer releasing updates for the old hardware and ‘retiring’ their 2008 and 2008 R2 servers, which means no further security updates and reduced maintenance options.

Newer software may not be compatible with older servers and hardware which means slow computer speeds and updates can significantly impact day-to-day operations. It’s important to be aware of your hardware’s age to reduce the risk of power banks, cooling systems, and hard drives from wearing out – especially in a high-intensity work environment like a veterinary practice.

How do I find out if I have a senior server?

  1. Enter the hardware’s serial number it into the manufacturer’s website
  2. Google the server’s brand, model and make
  3. Check the original receipt or warranty for the server date
  4. Contact our hardware team of experts

Our hardware experts are here to help protect your infrastructure and applications by migrating to a more current version. By retiring your senior server your practice will benefit from:

  • The ability to reference more memory (Server 2008 R2 standard is limited to 32GB)
  • Vastly improved security features including Advanced Threat Protection
  • Attaining higher compatibility with newer applications
  • Read four more reasons to update your hardware here

What happens next?

If you know your senior server is due for an upgrade or simply want to discuss your options, follow the link and fill out the form. One of our experts will be in touch with you to discuss the best options specific to your practice needs and ensure your infrastructure is protected.


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Where can I go to find out more?

Read the technical details from Microsoft directly about the end of extended support here or the senior servers here.