Computer hardware

  • Customised for veterinary use

  • Highest quality equipment

  • Reliable operation of your software

  • Successful business

Many people believe that computer hardware lasts five to seven years. However, in a busy practice with constant use, coupled with excessive pet hair and dander, your hardware will likely only last for three to five years.

Older computers are unlikely to support newer operating systems, which can slow your computer’s performance over time and drastically affect your staff’s daily workflow and productivity. This can cause waiting room delays, a poor customer experience, and even customer attrition.

We offer a variety of business-class computers and accessories from leading vendors, built to withstand the rigorous veterinary practice environment. Hardware arrives at your practice completely configured to work with your software, saving you time and money.

Our specialised computer hardware includes desktops, laptops, servers and all other business-critical equipment with the necessary software installed.

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Can hardware failures affect you?

In a survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC) of more than 700 small to medium businesses, over 80% reported that they experienced hardware downtime in the past year.

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