Rapport scheduling

  • Client communications

  • Increase appointments

  • Attract new patients

  • Increase practice revenue

  • Successful business

Take appointment bookings at any time with online booking.

Scheduling a single appointment takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Multiply this by the number of appointments you schedule each day, and this ‘quick task’ grows into a time-consuming activity. Rapport Scheduling offers your clients convenience while saving you time. Existing and potential clients can book appointments at a time that suits them – even outside business hours.

Also, nearly 90% of potential clients will research your practice website before scheduling their first appointment, and over half of them will also look at your clinic’s online reviews and ratings. Rapport’s reputation management tools enable you to send automated client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback and display client testimonials on your website.

Rapport Scheduling frees up staff time and makes it easy and convenient for clients to make appointments. It’s reputation management tools will help you to enhance your clinic image and appeal.


  • Online appointment booking
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automated email confirmations
  • Automated client surveys
  • Reputation management
  • Online Pet Portal
  • Reporting

How can Rapport Scheduling improve your revenue?

50% of all appointments made using an online booking system are made outside of normal business hours and 17% are from new clients. A further 17% of practices report an increase in revenue after adding an online booking service.

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