RxWorks hosted solution veterinary software

  • Get practice management solutions

  • Healthier animals

  • Increase profitability

  • Grow your practice

  • Successful business

Streamline and grow your business with improved mobility.

RxWorks Hosted Solution is a complete practice management solution that delivers practical tools and processes that address industry-wide and specific practice needs and assists with every aspect of a veterinary clinic operation.

  • Optimise practice revenue and streamline processes and workflows. RxWorks manages fees and patient information. A suite of communication tools improves customer service and client retention. The powerful content database and management processes help increase staff utilisation and reduce stock wastage.
  • Improve customer service and enhance patient treatment. RxWorks prompts staff to discuss client-specific information and transfers results between lab equipment and the patient record automatically. All a patient’s current and overdue needs are immediately available. Built-in procedures and product templates ensure consistent care while reducing time and effort.
  • Drive efficiency and productivity. RxWorks offers online and onsite training for optimum staff effectiveness. Information is kept up-to-date with pre-defined content. You are backed up with 24/7 support.

RxWorks Hosted Solution comes standard with the RxWorks modules essential for operating a modern-day veterinary practice.

Find out more about how RxWorks can improve your practice.

Improved mobility

Access RxWorks Hosted Solution from anywhere with an internet connection (commercial-grade broadband internet connection).


Increased flexibility

Access RxWorks Hosted Solution on more devices (Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OS X and Android devices) simply using the internet.

Minimise hardware costs

Remove the need for a server-based environment, by accessing RxWorks Hosted Solution over the internet through the Citrix Receiver RemoteApp.

Ensure latest version

Ensure you’re always using the latest version of RxWorks. Remove time-consuming product upgrades and installs.

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