RxWorks Veterinary Software

  • Get practice management solutions

  • Healthier animals

  • Increase profitability

  • Grow your practice

  • Successful business

Streamline and grow your business, enhance patient care and achieve your potential.

RxWorks is a complete practice management solution that delivers practical tools and processes that address industry-wide and specific practice needs and assists with every aspect of a veterinary clinic operation.

  • Optimise practice revenue and streamline processes and workflows. RxWorks manages fees and patient information. A suite of communication tools improves customer service and client retention. The powerful content database and management processes help increase staff utilisation and reduce stock wastage.
  • Improve customer service and enhance patient treatment. RxWorks prompts staff to discuss client-specific information and transfers results between lab equipment and the patient record automatically. All a patient’s current and overdue needs are immediately available. Built-in procedures and product templates ensure consistent care while reducing time and effort.
  • Drive efficiency and productivity. RxWorks offers online and onsite training for optimum staff effectiveness. Information is kept up-to-date with pre-defined content. You are backed up with 24/7 support.

RxWorks comes standard with the modules essential for operating a modern-day veterinary practice. Additional specialty or enhanced modules are available individually.

“It meets all my patient and client needs ensuring I don’t overlook anything. It’s like having an extra employee, everything is just so automated. The result, I’m less stressed, and the standard of care is more consistent.”

Dr Angela Sutherland, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery

Want to turbocharge your practice performance?

Performance pack is a powerful additional module that can take your practice to another level. It uses a patient's medical record as the driver for work in the practice, focusing on the core task of recording treatments and services for patients which helps to significantly minimise missed charges and improve efficiency.


Monitor practice performance

Track KPIs in Data Access by creating customised, detailed real-time reports. RxWorks comes pre-built with valuable reporting which lets you access in-depth report data without risk.

Strengthen client bonds and improve patient care

In the best interests of the patient, facilitate the acceptance of your recommendations, identify and schedule the best preventative or chronic care with Care Plan Manager.

Reduce wastage and save time

RxWorks uses years of experience integrating with industry partners internationally to provide Ecommerce Inventory Management a streamlined inventory management tool that uses electronic ordering.

Increase appointments and drive compliance

Build client relationships, improve healthcare compliance and acceptance of standards of care by sending personalised automated SMS and emails with Automated Message Manager (AMM). It helps to reduce communication costs, better utilise staff time and reduce ‘no-shows’.

Additional Features

Keep your customers informed

Communicate quickly and easily with your clients about events, promotions and educational information with Events Manager. ‘Set and forget’ regular, personalised client communication.

Improve patient care and treatment compliance

Automatically generate follow-up lists and improve patient compliance and relationships through timely reminders in Recall Manager.

Speed up insurance claims and improve customer service

Accurately create paper-free claims on behalf of patients, with faster resolutions in Insurance Manager. Claims are linked to a policy, with a date range, to avoid double claiming. Save staff time by avoiding manual data entry.

Reduce missed lab charges and free up staff

Laboratory Manager integrates with a range of internal lab devices and external lab service providers through this quick, accurate, fully automated workflow to provide quick and accurate lab results for customers.

Simplify prescriptions

Confirm repeat medication authorisations and ensure dispensing accuracy by specifying critical information with Prescriptions Managers easy-to-view catalogue prescriptions.

Improve practice image

Reinforce your business’s professionalism and personal attention to clients with consistent, professionally presented letters, certificates and forms from Forms, Certificates And Letters.

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