Sparkline Scorecard

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Only 55% of Australian and New Zealand veterinarians are using key metrics to measure their business performance. They may be missing charges and losing revenue without even realising it.

One of the biggest missed charges for veterinary practices is billable time, followed by diagnostics, consumables and hospitalisation. Practices have experienced up to a 22% lift in revenue in the first year of implementing Sparkline.

Sparkline Scorecard drives practice revenue growth and profit by tracking over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that monitor business processes and activities. It then quickly and easily highlights areas for improvement. Sparkline works with your RxWorks and VisionVPM practice management software and displays critical practice information in an easy-to-read dashboard to show you what’s working and what’s not.

What is the value of Sparkline?

By identifying key performance indicators, you can capture missed charges, align standards of care, and drive revenue growth.

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