Vision Health Manager

  • Calendar of health activities

  • Customisable templates

  • Increased revenues

Managing herd health for individual farm clients can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Vision Health Manager can help your practice deliver world-class herd health management and increase efficiency, compliance and revenue in the process. With Vision Health Manager, you can quickly and easily plan and map out the year’s health activities for individual farms, helping farmers set a budget and locking in revenue for your practice.

Vision Health Manager is designed to help your veterinary clinic manage all aspects of farm animal health. It offers easily customisable templates based on key dates, which allows you to quickly build a calendar of activities. This makes sure all animal health requirements are diarised and actioned. Individual farm requirements can be specified, in conjunction with the farm owner or manager.


  • Identify and diarise all farm health activities and ensure they’re actioned by sending reminders or phone calls beforehand.
  • Improve compliance with extensive automated SMS and email reminders.
  • Avoid the risk of double booking with VisionVPM appointment book integration.
  • Capture all potential revenue opportunities.
  • Identify quickly which activities haven’t been actioned and identify staff to follow up.

Integrated or standalone? Your choice.

Vision Health Manager can be integrated with VisionVPM or used as a stand-alone solution.

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