ImproMed Equine veterinary software

  • Ideal for ambulatory or hospital settings

  • Client-specific billing

  • Mobile friendly

  • Quick syncs between mobile and office data

  • Inventory management between multiple storage locations

Give your practice some horsepower

Equine practices face different challenges compared with small animal practices. These include inaccurate inventory counts due to multiple storage locations, or complex accounting when billing multiple owners, stables, or trainers. It can be difficult to effectively manage your business when spending a majority of your time in the field.

ImproMed Equine software saves time, streamlines your practice, and keeps medical information at your fingertips, even while in the field.

It is designed specifically for equine veterinarians and contains advanced features such as mobile apps, equine-specific billing, automated ordering and inventory management, and complete treatment plans.

Handle the unique billing situations of the equine practice

With equine-specific billing, you can easily invoice multiple patients assigned to a stable or trainer at one time and use split billing to make sure all owners are billed correctly by percentage. With scheduled credit card payments, you can give clients the option to pay in full at the end of the month or combine with wellness plans to turn the annual cost of care into a monthly payment. You provide regular, consistent care for your patients while driving consistent revenue for your practice.


Inventory management

With multiple storage locations, cost fluctuations, and human error, it becomes increasingly difficult to properly manage inventory costs. With ImproMed Equine, you can store and transfer inventory between multiple locations, automate mark-ups, and track inventory trends from one location, so you can grow sales while keeping your profit margin in line.

Mobile and ambulatory

ImproMed Equine operates easily in an ambulatory or hospital setting. Mobile versions of the software are available for offline access on laptops or tablets. Syncs occur quickly and easily upon return to the office, when you are connected to the network.

Treatment plans

ImproMed Equine’s Treatment Plans are specifically designed for equine practitioners to quickly “check the boxes” when administering treatments, which updates the medical record and places appropriate charges on the client invoice. This saves time and eliminates missed charges.

ImproView app

Access patient and client information from your ImproMed database, anywhere, anytime.View client contact information, rabies tags, and medical records, review account balances, upload images, and more all from your mobile device.

Learn more about ImproMed Equine

Discover our rich array of materials designed to help you better understand the ImproMed Equine practice management software product. Download the product brochure, learn about data security tools specifically for ImproMed Equine, or peruse information about training options. Want to read what our current customers say about us? Check out our G2 or Capterra reviews.

ImproMed Equine brochure

Discover all the functionality ImproMed Equine practice management software can offer your business.

Download the brochure.

ImproMed Equine training options

Understand your training options and what advantages training can bring to your practice.

Download the training brochure.

ImproMed Equine data backup brochure

Covetrus ImproMed Equine Data Security Solution (IDSS) is a customizable, offsite data storage service available for all ImproMed practices.

Learn more about data security. 

Are you offering equine wellness plans?

If you’re routinely evaluating a horse, you are better equipped to pick up on developing issues such as lameness, exercise intolerance, or endocrine disorders before they become bigger and more expensive problems for the client.

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