Have you seen what Rapport can do lately? We have been working on refreshing Rapport, upgrading its look, feel and what it can offer to your team and practice. We have also put in place a team of dedicated Campaign Consultants to help you plan communications that increase revenue and engagement throughout the year. We are here to help our clients reach more with Rapport:

  • Increase efficiency with automated reminders and recalls
  • Make your life easier with our online booking system
  • Complement and support your existing marketing channels
  • Improve overall animal health care
  • Drive revenue and increase customer loyalty

Read on to find out more about the new developments and features in Rapport this Spring and how your Rapport Campaign Consultant can help you refocus your communication strategies.

Rapport Reviews

In a world where feedback from real customers has never been more crucial in influencing a customer’s decision to use a service or business, we are releasing the new Rapport Review feature within this year’s Spring release.

Rapport Reviews allows Rapport clients to gather feedback from pet owners and is available to all our Rapport messaging clients. After visiting the practice, the pet owner is invited to give feedback on their visit to the clinic by answering a few simple questions relating to their experience. They are then also invited to score the practice to give an overall percentage and convey their overall satisfaction rating on your website. This is presented as an overall star rating out of five which is automatically updated after each review with the ability for clients to also leave feedback. Customer reviews can be published to this page and work to build your online rating and encourage new clients to visit your practice.

To get this new service, simply sign up to upgrade to the Spring release and once upgraded, you can get in touch with your Campaign Consultant who will to talk you through the journey, process and set up.

Rapport Campaign Consultants

To help you get the best from Rapport we have a team of Rapport Campaign Consultants in place for our Rapport Connect clients. The team is on hand to help ensure your practice and team:

  • Make the best use of existing features and new functions to boost your practice revenue
  • Deliver campaigns which effectively communicate and engage your clients to drive revenue, awareness, compliance, visits and loyalty
  • Send out email, SMS and direct marketing campaigns which are compelling, carefully designed and in line with your brand
  • Benefit from Rapport’s time saving automated reminders, Pet Portal and online booking system

New Look Pet Portal

We have refreshed the look and feel of your Pet Portal to provide your pet owners with a better user experience, bringing it up to date. In addition, your practice can now customise the interface to match your practice’s branding. The new look Pet Portal is available to all of our Rapport Online Scheduling clients.

GDPR Enhancements & Syncing of Personal Details

Our Rapport customers can now provide their clients with a version of their privacy notice to review and accept to within Rapport. Once accepted a customer’s client record will be updated in RoboVet.

Once a client has agreed to your privacy policy, Rapport will then prompt the client to check their personal details and amend their preferences. Any changes are automatically synced with RoboVet ensuring the client is contacted in line with their preferences from then on whether from RoboVet or Rapport. The result is easier GDPR compliance without the weight of the associated admin. The process refreshes whenever a new privacy notice is uploaded so amendments no longer require the previous time investment and resource to recapture agreement. For this feature register here to upgrade.

Please note the Pet Portal is available to all of our Rapport clients.

“It is immensely easy, there is no more toing and froing. The time saving has been the biggest benefit, and the cost savings that accompany this.” – Churchfield Vets

Feeling inspired?

Get in touch with your Campaign Consultants at campaigns.uk@covetrus.com to

  • Plan your marketing and campaigns for 2019
  • Discuss how GDPR enhancements in Rapport can help facilitate your practice’s compliance
  • Try a Postcard Campaign and request a free digital design mock up

Want to know more? Read our latest Rapport Case Study to find out how Churchfield Vets have been getting on with Rapport.