To help you get the best from Rapport we have a team of dedicated Campaign Consultants on hand to help ensure your practice and team:

  • Make the best use of existing features and new functions to boost your practice revenue 
  • Deliver campaigns which effectively communicate and engage your clients to increase revenue, awareness, animal health, visits and loyalty 
  • Send out email, SMS and direct marketing which is compelling, carefully designed and in line with your brand 
  • Benefit from Rapport’s time saving automated reminders, Pet Portal and online booking system 
  • Get Rapport working harder for your practice 

To inspire you, we asked our Campaign Consultants to answer some of our most FAQs on all things Rapport, campaigns, reminders, strategy and setup.

How can I best promote new services or practice openings?

Whether you want to communicate with your customers through email, text or postcard, we are on hand to help you design, deliver and measure successful promotional campaigns. Scheduling regular communications will help to ensure your customers are kept up to date and informed of any changes to your health services and offerings between visits. A steady flow of relevant and valuable information can also work to build closer relationships with your client base, ultimately building that all-important loyalty, authority and trust. Rapport is a tool which facilitates this communication and we are here to help you get the best from this service.

I want to send a fun and quirky email and postcard design! Can you help?

Yes. As your Campaign Consultant we love hearing your ideas, discussing your requirements and turning them into impactful and engaging campaigns. To begin, our first question will always be around your objectives for the campaign, what do you want to achieve, what do you want to say? This information is key to determining the overall strategy and how to measure success. We’ll work with you to define this and ongoing to adapt your campaigns and update your designs to ensure we are achieving your objectives. As your Campaign Consultant we can also share our ideas with you, identify areas where you could be targeting and opportunities to increase revenue, compliance, animal health, awareness – whatever your objectives may be.

I want to promote some products that are not doing so well, can the Campaign Consultants help me with this?

Of course. We can work with you to deliver direct marketing campaigns which complement your wider marketing efforts. Depending on the product type, we can run promotional campaigns across email, postcard and SMS to boost interest and revenue. We can then provide you with an analysis of your campaign performance to determine your ROI and overall campaign effectiveness.

How do I make sure that our customer contact preferences are up-to-date?

To ensure that your customer’s contact preferences are up-to-date we always recommend checking in on any changes with your clients when they call or visit your practice. Any communication preferences that are amended in the Pet Portal will sync up with your client’s preference settings in RoboVet so you can be safe in the knowledge that you have one source of truth for how your clients would like to hear from you. You can also use the Pet Portal to gain agreement to your Practice Privacy Notice which again, syncs to the client record in RoboVet.

Our Pet Portal is also a clear and easy way for your customers to update their communication preferences and personal details. To help your customer to use the Pet Portal we can run a campaign to explain where it is, how it works and where to find important information.

How can I increase compliance for my practice?

increase-complianceIncreasing compliance for your practice means healthier animals and a successful, growing practice. The most important driver to improve compliance is to have a healthy stack of reminder messages set up for core services such as vaccination reminders, dental checks, flea and worm treatment reminders, HPC Health Checks. To optimise this we recommend:

  • setting up more than one communication touch point for each service
  • ensuring your client’s pets are being treated in line with recommended guidelines
  • encouraging regular visits every 6 months

If you are suffering from a drop in compliance, we would recommend running a targeted marketing campaign to invite existing clients that have lapsed in treatments to highlight the importance of preventative healthcare. Alongside this we would also suggest running a similar campaign targeted toward your new clients.

How should I contact my clients?

Rapport provides you options, flexibility and control over how you get in touch with your clients. This means you don’t have to choose you can mix, match, strategise and use a combination of email, SMS and postcards for your campaigns. You can decide to use different message types in tandem, one message type per client or even limit to one message type only. The methods you decide to use may well differ from campaign to campaign or even reminder to reminder. We recommend selecting SMS as the primary way of contacting clients and using email to support this to give you the greatest opportunity for engagement. You can then use postcards for clients that may not have an email address or mobile number to make sure that all of your clients feel valued and well informed. The opportunities are endless, and you can get creative! We’ve run campaigns for practices that use postcards as a way to send Christmas cards to their clients using photos the practice have taken. We can also suggest campaign ideas to our clients throughout the year to meet their objectives, whatever they might be. 

Where do I start?

Get in touch with your Campaign Consultants at to discuss your practice objectives, key requirements and budget. We’ll then work with you to build out your marketing and communications strategies, ensuring you are getting the very best from Rapport for your practice.

Interested in trying Rapport Postcards?

Request a free digital design mock up from your Campaign Consultant.