As part of International Homeless Animals’ day, Covetrus celebrated its’ continued support of WECare Worldwide, a UK-registered charity that provides veterinary care to Sri Lanka’s estimated 3 million street dogs, as well as educational programs on responsible animal ownership.

Veterinarian Janey Lowes founded WECare Worldwide in 2014 after witnessing the plight of street dogs in country. Knowing that proper veterinary care could help improve the lives of the canines, Dr. Lowes decided to relocate to Sri Lanka to carry out a catch-neuter-vaccinate-release program for one year. Five years later, with the help of donors Dr. Lowes has built one of the best equipped veterinarian clinics in Sri Lanka.

The relationship between Covetrus and WECare has helped thousands of street dogs receive life-saving treatments and high-quality veterinary care. Covetrus first collaborated with WeCare in 2017 by helping the organisation create the first 24-hour veterinary clinic in Sri Lanka. Covetrus donated its RoboVet software as well as several monitor work stations, an x-ray unit and more. More recently, Covetrus has donated Calibra Veterinary Diet food to help aid in the recovery of the street dogs.

As a company our partnership with WeCare Worldwide is a great fit for us, as Covetrus is dedicated to empowering veterinary practice partners across the globe. The scale of the street dog problem in Sri Lanka is immense, and we at Covetrus are confident that our donations can help transform and save countless lives.

“Covetrus, was one of very few organisations that went above and beyond to help us and understood the greater need of improving veterinary standards worldwide. We are incredibly lucky to work in partnership with a forward-thinking, responsible company, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.” – Dr. Lowes, founder of WECare Worldwide.

Watch the video below to find out more about Dr. Lowes inspiring story so far.

Interested in finding out how you can get involved? Simply click the link here and find out more about how you can donate, sponsor a dog or even volunteer for the charity.