Digital x-ray and digital image processing for the progressive veterinarian.

RoboVet users who have Dragonfly can request, receive, review and retain digital images that are then automatically linked to animal records.

Dragonfly is an easy-to-use tool for requesting, viewing, transferring, and archiving digital images. Any image from a wide array of devices [x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, digital camera) can be stored in a Dragonfly digital file and accessed immediately by the click of a mouse on any RoboVet terminal within your practice.

What are the key benefits?

  • Full integration with RoboVet client records
  • Full functionality of diagnostic software for all workstations
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly structure
  • Customise the interface to your subject area and requirements
  • Flexible allocation of shortcut keys, so you can work quickly
  • Parallel processing, so you can continue to work in DragonflyPACS while completing other tasks
  • Diagnose multiple patients simultaneously by opening new windows, without loss of speed


Full integration

Integration with your RoboVet system means you can request, receive, review and retain DICOM compliant images from within RoboVet and they will automatically link to the animal record. This delivers an improved workflow and increases practice efficiency.

Single, secure storage

Dragonfly provides a single, secure storage location for your digital images. It also ensures you don’t forget to charge for an image again; the top 5% of practices in the UK charge for 85% of their digital imaging.

Mobile view

The flexible web-based viewer is perfect for mobile devices, like iPads, should you require remote viewing. The web viewer allows you to search for studies by name or modality, and view the images anywhere and at any time.

Why Dragonfly?

Designed in close cooperation with doctors and specialists, the technology behind Dragonfly has proven itself in more than 5,000 workstations around the world. The cutting edge system integrates smoothly with RoboVet, so you can request, receive, view and store images, right from the Client Information Display.

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