Discovery Week was dedicated to discovery for our clients. The events brought our team together to look to the future and take a glimpse into what’s coming next.

Read on to discover the highlights from our team looking back over our two-day event.

During our Discovery Week we hosted two Discovery Days in our Edinburgh office, one tailored to our RxWorks clients and the other to our RoboVet sites. As a newly formed joint and global company, we have evolved as a business. Discovery Week was the perfect opportunity to allow our clients to discover our full offering and what new solutions we can provide for their practice.

Over the two days our practice managers, directors and owners were invited to attend and discover the future of their practice management product roadmap. The Discovery Days were a key forum to discuss and demonstrate the developments and impacts of the recent RxWorks and RoboVet product releases as well as the future roadmap for each of our practice management solutions.

Discover Covetrus

Stephanie Bryan, our Managing Director presented a Covetrus overview. She informed our clients as to how Covetrus was formed, the vision and values of our newly formed global business, our new one solution approach and our exciting plans for the future.

Tim Pearson of Orchard House Vets shared his thoughts with us during the RoboVet Discovery Day,“It’s clear there has been a change in the way of looking at things as a new 

company, it’s apparent you are looking at things again to assess where you can improve and how you can use expertise from other countries.” Tim also adds, “I found the day useful to meet new staff members and also to see a few people I have known since we first started with RoboVet, 21 years ago.”

Product Manager, Carly Clark had the opportunity to discuss the development process with our audience and discuss how and why we must continually evolve. “We have a responsibility to listen to our clients, to the industry and to our pet parents. As a team and wider company we stay tuned into that feedback, it’s so valuable to us. Our Discovery Days were as important for our own discovery as they were for our clients. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with our PMS users for both RoboVet and RxWorks to walk through the roadmap and journey we are on with these products and gather feedback. I am looking forward to hosting many more of these collaborative events.”

RxWorks 5.6 Release: Carly took our clients through the latest updates and what’s included in the recent RxWorks 5.6 Release including features on mobile & tablet devices, insurance manager improvements and multi perks per visit. Some of the release highlights include being able to upload images, messages and appointment lists as well as other general enhancements and maintenance. You can find the full release notes here.

RoboVet Cougar Spring ReleaseCarly then discussed the latest Cougar Release with our RoboVet clients.  The new Cougar Release was designed to increase ease, simplicity and control, it introduced the following new features:

  • Exposed Client ID
  • Single Sign On
  • Additional Product List Filters
  • Enhancements and Maintenance

Full information on our RovoVet Cougar Spring Release can be found here.

Discovering Support

Head of Operations, Laura Cairns also addressed the hot topic of support, discussing the recent changes to our processes and how we have been working to test, adapt and streamline our service over the months and years, to keep our client’s needs at the center of what we do. “Our Edinburgh Support desk deals with over 30,000 support calls per year so our support team absolutely claim the number one spot when it comes to interaction with our customers. Many of our clients who attended the day’s event have been using our software for a number of years, it therefore provided a truly fantastic opportunity for our team to put faces to names and meet the vets, managers and partners that they have supported and created close relationships with. We can’t wait for future opportunities to showcase all that is happening behind the Covetrus scenes.”

Our Technical Lead, Stephen Dawson added, “I had the chance to finally meet people I have regularly spoken to for 14 years. We’ve gone through it all together. I didn’t know whether to shake their hand or hug them.”

Cyber Security

Our clients are our number one priority and it’s paramount that we share our knowledge with them to keep their practices safe and secure. Our Technical Lead, Stephen Dawson presented a talk to our clients about cyber security for their practices. He talked through cybercrime targets, busting cyber myths, the impacts of cybercrime, how to stay safe and finished with some top tips to take away:

  • Be sceptical
  • Be aware of your online presence
  • Inspect the link
  • Don’t click the link
  • Be smart with passwords
  • Keep your software updated
  • Implement a company-wide data security strategy

One of our attendees from Orchard House Vets noted “The Cyber Security talk was a big eye-opener and a very good reminder. That for me was the biggest beneficial aspect, we’ll have to sit down and take a look at how we continue to train our staff.”

RoboVet Roadmap: To round off the day the product development team provided our attendees a glimpse into what’s coming next for RoboVet. Looking ahead in the roadmap the team discussed the plans to introduce a mobile app which can be accessed on any device and is available anywhere, anytime. Watch this space!

RxWorks Roadmap: The final RxWorks Roadmap session gave our RxWorks users insight into new developments on the horizon. We took a look into “RxWorks Re-Imagined” which includes improvements in client/patient workflows, care plan management, internal messaging enhancements and printing.

Head of Product Development, Alan Robertson, “The purpose of the Product Development team is to try our best to make the vet’s day and experience of the pets and pet parents in practice better. We only exist to bring value to that customer journey. We believe in the work we do here and appreciate the opportunity to share that with our clients on days like these. Their feedback is so valuable and to get that one to one interaction is the best possible medium. We always need to be closely collaborating with our users and it was great to get in front of them, as that can be a challenge. We have a bright future with lots more to come from Covetrus and I hope that shone through on the day. We are continually striving to improve and deliver more.”

We would like to sincerely thank all of our clients who spent the day with us in Edinburgh and helped us make our Discovery Week a success. Our Discovery Week events were also a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to discover how we can improve and grow our solutions to ensure we are one step ahead of the needs of your ever-evolving practice.

Interested in coming along to our next event, visit our event page for our upcoming events.