Rhoda Whitton, our Implementation Manager in EMEA explains how a renewed passion for learning and performance support is progressing choice for our vets.

Practice management systems (PMS) are feature-rich to support veterinary practices. When a software product delivers either an expansive range or complexity of function, it increases the need for training and ongoing performance support. Both are needed by clients to:

  1. achieve or maintain the daily use of the software
  2. extend or optimise the use of the software

At Covetrus we are passionate about how to support our vets in delivering the best of service and experience to their clients. That’s why our decision making is fuelled by evidence-based research.

We do this by:

  • Collecting opinion, evidence of usage and ideas from our clients
  • Conducting veterinary sector research
  • Researching emerging technology trends
  • Researching user expectations from other market sectors

All of which fuels our decisions on which products, services and support to provide now and in the future.

When it comes to how best to impart learning and knowledge to our vets on our products and services there is a 5th element (no parallels drawn from the cult film however!)  and that is the leading thinking, technology and trends from the Learning Sector. In doing so..

We’re advancing both our provision for learning and choice for vets.  

Advances in technology and the social norms around the use of this technology has enabled greater choice. Until recently the norm for veterinary software training across the sector was instructor led face to face (F2F) delivered at the veterinary clinic.  Refresher training was delivered again onsite F2F or by attendance at regional training schools.

At Covetrus, we have been progressing choice for vets in terms of:

  • Cost –  bespoke, small group, virtual group
  • Type – F2F, virtual
  • Timing – topic-based sessions delivered to suit a practice quiet time, scheduled learning labs
  • Type of learning modality – microlearning videos, help docs and test scenarios
  • Accessibility – captions on videos

We then add to this, the latest thinking on how best to deliver learning which is engaging, designed to maximise retention and then reinforced with performance support resources.

 Our New Learning Journeys

Using agile methodology, we have developed role based learning journeys, for the primary role type of receptionist, vet nurse, vet, and manager.


These learning journeys are supported by microlearning – videos, help documents and test scenarios to consolidate the prior learning on our software. We have also redesigned our ‘new user’ training, into a series of topic-based sessions, delivered by our software instructor to suit the availability of your staff.

The lunch and learn sessions have been proving popular with our clients and team. We have designed these topics with opportunities for consolidation and prompts to test understanding before progressing onto the next topic.  Further development will see the greater use of learning tech to drive the engagement of your learning.

Listening to our vet practices, the message was clear

We understood from your feedback, how important ease of use was when it came to finding the learning support needed to help you complete the task at hand. Our solution was to provide single-click access to microlearning performance support resources to support your role-based learning journey.

This feedback informed the prioritisation of the key topics which require additional training after the initial learning has been consolidated. We listened when our clients said that once they were more comfortable using the software on a daily basis they wished further training to extend their knowledge on how best to utilise the software to optimise their workflow and processes.

Our answer to this has been to create a global team who collaborate on the development of Learning Labs for the optimisation of existing software on these key topics. An exciting direction for both clients and team, we expect the first of these learning labs to be launched this year.

Life is exciting in the world of learning at Covetrus, and it fires our passion to provide the best of learning and performance support for the software and service we provide.

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About the Author

Rhoda Whitton

Implementation Manager GSS EMEA

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