About us

Covetrus is a global animal-health technology and services company dedicated to empowering veterinary practice partners to drive new health and financial outcomes. Our passion for the well-being of animals and those who care for them drives us to advance the world of veterinary medicine.

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Success Stories

There are some really great features which are helping us run a much more efficient practice.

Rebekka Fiorani, Clent Hills Vets

It meets all my patient & client needs ensuring I don't overlook anything. It's like having an extra employee. The result? I'm less stressed and the standard of care is more consistent.

Dr Angela Sutherland, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery

I would recommend it to any practice, large or small, that is serious about gaining better control and understanding of their data for clinical or business purposes.

Dr Anne Richings, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital & Royal Veterinary College

Our average transaction fee increased by 15%. Net profit has lept from 13% to 23%.

Dr Simon Robinson, Strathmore Vets

We experienced a 22% increase in revenue in the first year of implementation followed by 11% and then 7% in the following years.

Dr Chris Reardon, Warwick Vets