Rapport messaging

Increase practice appointments and free up staff with our automated reminder system.

Rapport Messaging integrates with RoboVet and allows you to completely automate your reminders and recalls using the best practice approach combining post, SMS and email.  

Postcards, emails and text messages are automatically sent from Rapport at pre-set intervals ensuring reminders and recalls are not forgotten and are sent at most effective times to your clients. You will also receive a dedicated account manager to work with you to create, set up and execute your messaging.

Increase reminder compliance and reduce no shows

Appointment no-shows and cancellations can negatively impact your practice revenue, can cause inefficiencies in operational performance and create financial pressure.

Reduce fail to attends by up to 50% by sending an automated SMS on the day or the day before an appointment.
  • Automatic reminders

  • Client communications

  • Increase compliance

  • Increase practice revenue

  • Successful business

Improve practice image and client relationships

Consistent messaging help build your image and client relationships. Engaged clients visit more, promote more and stay with your practice longer. Building trust and commitment through effective communications is key in showing your clients that you care about what matters to them most.

With Rapport, your clients will receive relevant, timely communication at exactly the right timing in the reminder or recall schedule and your practice will avoid a deluge of calls into the practice at once.

Rapport Connect Package

Combining the benefits of Rapport Messaging with Rapport Scheduling, our online booking system, Rapport Connect Package gives you access to our bespoke marketing services. A team of specialist Campaign Consultants are on hand to translate your brand and identity into stand-out visual communications and to assist with your annual marketing communications plan.


Save time

All the functionality to run a communication is already there and automated 

Increase product sales

Remind your clients of the necessity of compliance and get instant visibility of the products your clients received.

Better reputation management

Send client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback and display client testimonials on your website. 

What are recalls and reminders?

Recall is sent to clients who don’t have a current booking but are due for a follow-up appointment. In this case, customers should be sent a series of communications to prompt them to return. These can be more successful if targeted around a meaningful date. Reminder is a message sent to a client that has a current appointment. Ideally, the customers should book for their next appointment at the conclusion of their previous one, as reminders are more successful than recalls in ensuring patients return for their next appointment.

“It is immensely easy, there is no more to-ing and fro-ing. The time saving has been the biggest benefit alongside the cost savings that accompany this.” – Churchfield Vets

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