Rapport scheduling

Easy and convenient online appointment booking for your clients.

Rapport Scheduling integrates with RoboVet and frees up staff time by making it convenient for your existing and potential clients to book appointments online at a time that suits them – even outside business hours. 

Scheduling a single appointment takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Multiply this by the number of appointments you schedule each day, and this “quick task” grows into a time-consuming activity.

50% of all appointments made using an online booking system are made outside normal business hours and 17% are from new clients. A further 17% of practices report an increase in revenue after adding an online booking service.

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Online pet portal

Your clients can update their profiles and book their next appointments in the online portal.


Your clients can book everywhere on the mobile phone, at any time.

Better reputation management

Send client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback and display client testimonials on your website. 

“The online booking facility is valuable, as when we are closed clients are able to look online at their leisure and book and appointment for a time that suites them. We have also received bookings from new clients, who registered via our website.”

Churchfield Vets 

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  • Online booking

  • Free up staff time

  • Increase appointments

  • Increase practice revenue

  • Successful business

Rapport Connect Package

Combining the benefits of Rapport Scheduling with Rapport Messaging, our automated reminder system, Rapport Connect Package gives you access to our bespoke marketing services. A team of specialist Campaign Consultants are on hand to translate your brand and identity into stand-out visual communications and to assist with your annual marketing communications plan.

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