RoboVet Business Barometer

Track your business performance through Key Performance Indicators so you are prepared to act quickly to new opportunities or challenges.

Integrated in RoboVet, Business Barometer helps you keep your finger on the pulse, with customisable reports and information on key aspects of your practice and business data so you can maximise revenue and profits. Keep your finger on the pulse with reports and information to help analyse all key aspects of your practice and business data.

Are you hitting the mark?

Monitor your business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor processes and activities and boost revenue and profits.

Fully customisable

Access a number of customisable reports within RoboVet, presented as charts or tables. It could be a straightforward, regular report such as the previous day’s sales, broken down by surgery. Or it may be a more complex one comparing the current week with the same week for the past three years.

  • Practice management software

  • Track business performance

  • Increase revenue

  • Successful business

Track your performance

Being aware of your practice performance at all times means you are prepared and can respond quickly to new opportunities or challenges.

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