Data Safety Training

Why you must train your people in data safety, now.

On 25th May 2018, enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went active.

Every business handling personal or sensitive data faces greater audits and large fines for not meeting the new standards set out under GDPR. Every organisation, including veterinary practices, are vulnerable to these fines. With a greater threat of data breach, due to increased cyber-crime, organisations need to show that they take the necessary steps to protect themselves and the personal data they manage. Every employee should intrinsically understand the principles of the GDPR as part of working towards company-wide compliance. As part of our commitment to helping veterinarians like you achieve the freedom of a successful veterinary business, we are offering practices easy access to City & Guilds accredited training, provided by Apex Training and Development.

  • Instantly available e-learning:
    Immediately develop your team’s data handling capability.
  • No limit to how many people can be trained in a day:
    You can train your entire team quickly.
  • Completed in 60 minutes:
    Improve your protection with a minimal time investment.
  • Subject access request game:
    Race against the clock to deliver a ‘Subject Access Request’ in our brick breaker game.
  • Interviews from legal experts:
    Hear from legal experts on the steps to comply with GDPR.
  • Updated content:
    As more information about GDPR becomes known, updates will be added.
  • City & guilds accredited:
    Globally recognised accredited training provided by Apex Training & Development at Pass, Merit and Distinction level.

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Training provided by Apex Training and Development and sold by Covetrus.