Training Schools

Take advantage of our training school programs to ensure your staff are upskilled and making the most of your software.

This will help them automate routine tasks and free themselves up to spend more meaningful time with clients and patients. Unlock the full range of features in your practice management software to drive efficiency and cost savings.

The full-day sessions offer four topics:

  • Accounting
    Learn RoboVet’s tricks and shortcuts to streamline and simplify accounting procedures.
  • Marketing & schemes
    Understand how to segment and extract the data from RoboVet to target your clients with appropriate marketing campaigns. Also learn how to build client loyalty through RoboVet’s schemes functionality.
  • Product list & stock management
    Learn how to implement best practice stock procedures throughout your practice to minimise stock loss.
  • Business Barometer
    Learn how to use your practice data to benchmark your business performance against 10 KPIs and improve business profitability.

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