We are very excited to announce Version 5.6 is available to upgrade now for free! The new features and general improvements are designed to save you time managing your practice, help you build stronger relationships with your clients, and give you more options to streamline your processes in a way that best suits you.  

RxWorks version 5.6 signals the first time that core features will be easily accessible on your mobile or tablet device when connected to your clinic WiFi. Along with the check in kiosk mode which was delivered in 5.5, you can now take photos and seamlessly upload them directly to RxWorks. You can also message your colleagues and see the appointment scheduler – all from your mobile device. 


“The 5.6 release is one of the most exciting releases we have had in a long time. This release has a great combination of feature enhancements and maintenance. Most excitingly it brings the first glimpse of the future with features you can access directly on your mobile or tablet. My favourite feature of this release is the photos functionality, it is such a fantastic step forward for RxWorks.” – Carly Clark, RxWorks Product Manager EMEA 

Be the first to upgrade  

You can register your interest in upgrading to RxWorks Version 5.6 by completing the RxWorks Upgrade Registration Form. We will then be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for your upgrade.

Read on to find out more about the RxWorks Version 5.6 Release Highlights 

Version 5.6 Highlights 

Stay connected with access from your mobile and tablet 

No more emailing images or waiting for a desktop to be free. Use your mobile devices to seamlessly upload photos, message colleagues and view your appointment scheduler.  

Improvements to insurance manager 

There has been a number of improvements to insurance manager in this release to enhance usability. From restoring the previous method to allocate a payment to an insurance claim to enhanced functionality to allow you to unlink a payment direct from a claim.  

Multi perks per visit 

In 5.6, a new method has been introduced which will allow a component charge filter that is sold multiple times within a single consult to be counted once per charge thus enabling a pet parent to select one or more care plan perks. This feature also eliminates the need to sell a separate visit which will save you time and improves the pet parents experience of your practice. 

Editing a bundle after it has been charged  

After charging a bundle in a consultation, it is now possible to edit the bundles as a whole rather than individual items. This allows you to add in additional items that may have been missed, ensuring that you are charging the correct amount to your pet parents, which will increase your practices’ profitability while speeding up processes and saving you time.  

Recalculating dosage units within a bundle  

When configuring a bundle and including travel or dosage based items that are set to recalculate on applying based on the client or patient, it is now possible to force this recalculation as part of applying the bundle. This automated process will save you time allowing you to spend more time with your patients. 

Deactivating clients and patients 

We have simplified this workflow as a result of user feedback that is was not always obvious that the deactivated checkbox has been clicked. The option to deactivate a client or patient has been moved from editing and ticking the deactivated checkbox to a specific button on the ribbon, under the Tools tab.  

 For more details on general enhancements, maintenance and user experience improvements included within the RxWorks 5.6 Release, you can read our Release Notes in the Portal. Share them with your team and get in touch with us if you have any questions.