Social engagement solutions that enhance client communications

Creekside Pet Care Center’s website says “Always Open,” and the practice takes that mission to heart. It is open 24/7 and eager to provide compassionate, high-quality care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Creekside is a progressive practice that offers a long list of services to meet clients’ needs. General Manager Mary Weeks, LVT, says, “We like the fact that Creekside is a one-stop shop. Our services include wellness care, emergency care, boarding, doggie day care, and grooming. We even have a trainer who uses our site for sessions, so we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients so many services that they usually don’t need to go elsewhere.”

Creekside’s customers are the heartbeat of this thriving practice, so implementing the right tools to enhance communication and get client feedback was a no-brainer.

The right software and training solutions

Creekside started using Covetrus’ social engagement tools three years ago to improve its online reputation. “We know people use the internet to learn about businesses, so we wanted to be more actively involved in that process as it relates to our practice,” Weeks says. Creekside implemented its social engagement strategy as part of a larger focus on streamlining all client communications. Weeks described a variety of Covetrus tools the practice has implemented to help accomplish its goal. “There are so many. But I like the practice-to-client communications, like treatment reminders and appointment confirmation emails, because they’re efficient and easy to use, and each one is customizable.”

Creekside also periodically invites clients to review the practice on Yelp or Google, encouraging customers to share their positive experiences with others. Weeks likes the fact that the social engagement software is compatible with the practice’s other Covetrus tools, which makes the solutions a breeze to use.

What are the benefits?

Finding a software solution that captures client feedback was an important part of Creekside’s strategy. Covetrus’ automated client surveys streamline the process of getting direct customer feedback and managing Creekside’s online reputation.

Emails go out to clients automatically the day after an appointment to thank them for coming in. Clients also have the option of giving a review or completing a brief survey through a link in the email. “I like that it’s hands-free,” Weeks says, “and we get almost immediate feedback on how we did.” She adds that the tool is user-friendly, and completing the process takes less than a minute, so it’s very easy for clients to participate. “Clients want to be heard, and this is a great way to encourage that,” she says. The electronic surveys are also customizable, so Creekside can tailor its communications to capture the information it wants most.

Weeks especially likes the automated appointment confirmation emails, because they have enhanced the practice’s efficiency. In the past, staff members had to make dozens of phone calls every night to confirm appointments for the next day. Now, clients can confirm appointments themselves with the click of a button, and each confirmation is posted directly to the schedule for the next day. “Now we only need to make a handful of those confirmation calls, which is a massive time-saver for us,” Weeks says.

Having the ability to customize confirmation emails means they can be modified based on the appointment. For example, email confirmations for wellness visits include a reminder to bring a fecal sample, and confirmations for grooming appointments include a recommended drop-off time.

Creekside also sends automatic email announcements about practice events, specials, and promotions. The social engagement tools help facilitate information exchange, while giving clients an important and easy way to provide feedback. “This service is great because with the click of a button, clients can write a review, request an appointment, or go directly to our website or Facebook page,” Weeks says. “It’s all access, all the time, just like we advertise on our website.”

This service is great because with the click of a button, clients can write a review, request an appointment, or go directly to our website or Facebook page. It’s all access, all the time, just like we advertise on our website.

Mary Weeks

What’s next?

Creekside plans to continue expanding its social engagement solutions, including using more text messaging tools to increase its reach with clients and optimize response rates.

The bottom line

Having the right social engagement tools to manage your online reputation and enhance client communications can make a real difference for your practice, just like it did for Creekside Pet Care Center.

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