Pay nothing until clients visit with their pet

According to Covetrus research, the average veterinary practice hasn’t seen over 20% of its patients in the past 18 months. For a busy two-vet practice this means that up to 1,400 patients haven’t come in for over a year and a half. These lapsed customers can cost your veterinary practice thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year.

And when you then take into account that acquiring new customers costs up to five times as much as retaining a client, it makes a compelling argument for to recapture lapsed clients.

While it’s possible to do this manually by calling, emailing or sending postcards in the mail, this can be time-consuming and mostly ineffective. Especially as you often need to have three contact with the client before they take the step of rescheduling.

So, how does a busy veterinary practice solve this problem and drive client repeat visits? Evidence points to a fully integrated, automated patient recapture program as the best solution. And now with Covetrus Patient Recapture, you can experience all the benefits with no upfront costs.

The Covetrus Patient Recapture program can help you reengage with lapsed clients, reinforce the importance of regular check-ups and preventive care, and encourage pet owners to schedule their next appointment with your clinic. Best of all, it’s risk-free as your practice only starts incurring a cost when a lapsed patient returns to your practice.

Here’s how it works:

Talk to an expert

Target lapsed clients

A series of postcards or emails are sent to clients who haven’t visited your practice in 18 months to encourage them to schedule an appointment with your clinic. Long-term participation in the program will helps maximize the number of clients who stay active and engaged with your practice with their pet’s ongoing care.

Set up automated system

Once the Patient Recapture program is setup, your client re-engagement communications runs itself. Setup for this program is quick and easy, and once complete you’ll be able to easily monitor the success of the program and track client response rates.

No upfront cost

There is no upfront cost or monthly fees associated with the program. You don’t pay anything until clients start coming back. Best of all, Covetrus manages the optimization of the program to make it work for your practice. So it’s completely risk-free.

Some practices see response rates of up to 5% soon after launching their Patient Recapture program, which represents significant earnings. This rate equates to around 70 appointments, and, if the average value of these appointments is $150 that’s $10,500 in recaptured revenue.

Overall, since implementing the program for our veterinary practices Covetrus has targeted 609,000 pets. Of these, 15,000 owners rescheduled appointments with their practice, resulting in $2.4 million of recaptured revenue.

Of course, there are significant benefits beyond monetary when clients bring their pets in for regular checkups. Seeing an animal regularly means you’re able to provide best practice veterinary care, including early disease detection, wellness exams, preventive care, and client education. Combined, these contribute significantly to the overall wellbeing of the animal.

Implementing the Covetrus Patient Recapture program increases your ability to bring lapsed clients back to your practice, reinforce the patient-veterinarian relationship, and help owners provide the best possible care for their pets. Learn more about adding Patient Recapture to your practice by completing the form at the top of the page.