How to Avoid Putting Your Practice at Risk of Misinformation

If you’ve been a practice owner or manager for even a short time, you’ll have realized three important things about clinic life: computers crash, people make mistakes, and disasters happen when you least expect them.

They’re common enough that, unfortunately, it’s no excuse to say ‘I didn’t know’ if any of these three things happen and you lose critical business data. The good news is that technology is on your side; there are quick, easy ways to make sure your information is stored reliably and securely if a data loss takes place, and you’ll be able to get it back – no matter who or what caused it.

Now that we’re doing some straight talking, it’s also a good time to debunk some popular misconceptions that exist around data backup.

1. You only need one form of data backup

Your valuable client and patient data isn’t truly protected from loss unless you back it up regularly to more than one location. You may feel safe having a robust onsite backup, or you may believe that having a copy of your data stored remotely in the cloud is sufficient. However, best practice is to have both a secure offsite and onsite backup.

On top of this, another good practice is data redundancy. This is where the same piece of data is held in two separate places. This could be two different fields within a single database, or two different spots in multiple software platforms. This helps to safeguard data and promote consistency.1

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2. It’s okay to miss the occasional data backup

In a busy veterinary practice, critical client and patient data is constantly being saved to your practice management software. Further, all of your financial transactions and future appointments are also being recorded.

If you were to miss just one backup and lose an entire day’s data, what would the implications be for your business? What if the backup process failed for two days or even a week? Unfortunately, your business may not have the time or financial resources to recover.

A recent report found that 60% of companies that lost their data shut down within six months of the disaster. A secure data backup solution can help ensure this does not happen to your business.

3. You can rely on your staff to take care of manual backups

Relying on your staff to run data backups at the end of each day is extremely risky. Just one missed backup due to forgetfulness, illness, or vacation could coincide with an unforeseen significant event at your practice, which could place your practice at risk of financial or reputational damage.

An automated data backup solution takes care of your vital practice data securely and in the background. These modern solutions provide automatic, scheduled backups that let you ‘set and forget’.

By addressing these three common misconceptions about data backup, your practice  is immediately in a better position than 40% of small businesses around the world. Your business simply can’t afford the lethal combination of lost productivity, unrecoverable digital assets, and lost consumer confidence.

Covetrus Data Backup services are a reliable and affordable way to help prevent your business from losing data. This automated service works in the background to store your data according to best practice and provide full-circle protection for your clinic.

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