Veterinary practices are extremely busy and it’s not uncommon to hear staff talk about the struggles they have trying to manage all of their day-to-day tasks. This includes juggling important administrative functions like scheduling appointments and handling front office jobs, while still trying to give clients the attention they need.

Many practices continue to rely on traditional channels and manual methods to contact customers and schedule appointments – all done during business hours. It’s easy to forget (or ignore) that this effort takes the focus away from customers in-clinic.

With changes in technology and communication, most clients these days are used to instant, electronic messaging and they don’t respond well to just ‘old school’ methods of communication any longer.

You can lose $66,000 in revenue per year

In a typical practice, losing just one appointment a day can cost over $66,000 in revenue per year. This calculation doesn’t even take into account the time and money wasted making numerous follow-up calls to schedule and remind clients – as well as money lost through no-shows.

It takes a simple change in practice workflow and the right systems to start turning these figures around. It starts at the time your customer is at the front desk, finalising details before they leave your practice. This is a perfect opportunity to book your client’s next appointment in your practice information management software scheduler before they walk out the door.

Sometimes they may choose not to, but even recording an entry for a recall in 12-months for an annual health check will bring you a lot closer to having your customer return.

This simple process – facilitated by your client communication solution and scheduler in tandem – immediately changes the dynamics of communication with your client. Instead of having them remember to make an appointment for a distant time in the future, contacting you to schedule an appointment and then remembering to attend – you have locked in the arrangement, which dramatically increases the chances of them revisiting your practice.

And, once your customers get used to the idea that you prompt them to make future appointments using multi-media messaging – in the form of emails, postcards, text and voice messages – they will come to expect it.

Technology is important

Having the right technology and software to back this arrangement up is important, however. A booked future appointment is a great start, but allowing your customer to reschedule online or confirm automated reminders electronically makes life much easier for both you and them.

The Rapport client communications suite offers two-way multi-media messaging between pet owners and your practice. It allows you to set up automated reminders via email, text, and phone call, depending on your client’s preferences.

It also offers modern, professional, customizable, and responsive websites, meaning they look great on any device, whether computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They also boost compliance and loyalty with an online pet health library, client education articles, and the built-in Pet Health Checker tool to help pet owners understand clinical signs and seek veterinary care.

Find out how to boost the standard of your client communications using Rapport’s all-in-one customized solution.

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