It’s no secret that the veterinary industry is struggling with client retention. A 2016 Covetrus survey revealed that less than 50% of new clients return the following year and that up to 60% of existing clients haven’t visited a clinic in 18 months or more.

One reason for this is tight competition with pet shop and veterinary conglomerate prices. Another, more visible reason, is that practices lose between 10 and 30% of their original capabilities every year as a result of the high staff turnover that the veterinary industry experiences. Both of these gaps can be closed through training.

Many veterinary clinics don’t invest in training because of cost and time constraints, or because they think their staff won’t engage with or benefit from it. However, according to HR Magazine, companies that invest $1,500 per employee per year in training see an average of 24% more profit than those who don’t.

Another concern is that investing in employee training would be wasted if that employee then left the company. However, research from the University of Rhode Island all but established this as a myth, as employees who get trained feel more invested in and therefore feel more committed to the company.

Experts agree that training your staff also increases productivity and performance quality, among other benefits. Additionally, research shows that 74% of employees are open to training, as they do not feel they’re achieving their full potential at work due to a lack of development opportunities.

As your staff is the link between your practice and clients, it makes sense to capitalize on this desire to upskill, so they can provide a better level of customer service. Especially as a worldwide average of 63 percent of employees are not engaged in the workplace, with an additional 24% of actively disengaged. Consistent training opportunities can inspire your employees to not only become engaged but to also actively seek upskilling in their own time.

Training is critical for a thriving team and growing practice. Training offered by Covetrus can be specifically tailored to the specific needs of your clinic, or as broad as desired, to maximize your employee’s capabilities.

AVImark offers over 1,000 web-based training sessions, both in video, review questions, and testing formats. New courses are added every month. ImproMed training focuses on specialized content for newer employees, as well as specialized applications, and also offers refresher modules. It focuses on software proficiency and confidence, improved clinical skills, increased efficiency, and reduced staff turnover.

The success of a veterinary clinic relies on more than just the quality of its veterinary professionals. Secure the future of your business by upskilling your staff in the latest technologies and techniques to keep your clinic running smoothly and encourage clients to return.

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