Training: AVImark

  • Tiered approach to training

  • Usage analysis and consultation

  • Custom training available from Covetrus experts

  • Online Academy available with over 1000 classes

Is your staff using AVImark efficiently?

Most veterinary practices only use around 20% of their practice management software functionality.  Think of how many features you use on a daily basis, and then consider how much money you could save in efficiencies gained by using more of AVImark’s powerful features.

Some practices are saving from $3,000 to $10,000 a year using AVImark to automate manual administrative tasks. This frees up staff members to spend more valuable time with clients and patients as well as help them enjoy their jobs more.

Select from two great training options:

Custom Covetrus training

Custom AVImark training offers a tiered approach. At the end of each tier, your staff masters specific skills and learns to integrate AVImark features into their workflow.

This program provides a usage analysis and consultation, a custom training roadmap and timeline, and an AVImark training consultant to help complete training, review, practice, and implementation.

On-demand online training

AVImark Online Academy offers over 1,000 web-based training sessions to sharpen the skills of your staff. It has high-definition training videos, review questions, and testing to ensure that your staff are mastering each program you assign them.

With a subscription to AVImark Online Academy, your staff can be trained anytime, anywhere, with just an Internet connection. Topics range from software proficiency to clinical best practices, with new courses added every month.

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