AVImark veterinary software

  • Streamlined integrations with partners

  • Paperless practice features

  • Grows with your practice without needing additional licenses

  • Includes inventory management

  • Mobile friendly

Great value and ease of use

Constant budget constraints, employee retention, and attracting new customers are just a few challenges that many practices face. We have found that on average, less than 50% of new clients return the following year, which means your patients may be missing out on much-needed care, and your practice finances are likely feeling the impact as a result. AVImark practice management software is affordable, quick to install, easy to use, and robust enough to support your business. Plus, with AVImark’s enhanced search capabilities, you can send targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that keep your clients coming back, year after year.

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Over 10,000 customers have chosen AVImark for value and ease of use.  With easy-to-use functionality, unlimited seat licenses, advanced features to support paperless environments, and a defined, easy-to-follow path for going paperless, AVImark offers the tools you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

Streamline your practice workflow

The whiteboard functionality gives you a centralized location to track and manage all patient activity, assign tasks, and capture notes in real-time. Information is automatically captured in the medical record and invoice, reducing the potential for missed charges and keeping every staff member up to date on communication and patient status while in your care.

Client information display (CID)

Find all the information you need, organized on one screen. You can view and access information about the client, the patient, and the medical history, making it quick and easy to manage the check-in and check-out process and boost productivity.

Enhanced information search

Boost client retention by sending targeted marketing and educational campaigns. Easily search your records for groups of clients and/or patients that fit certain qualifications. Set up searches for multiple categories of information (such as client, patient, accounting and medical history information), multiple values and “and/or” relationships, and you can even save searches to run again and again.

Note glossary

Create and store note templates to streamline the production of consistent notes for your clients, patients, and medical history. These templates help you duplicate text from one area of the program to another and are easily accessible in many notes areas of AVImark, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Want to add real value for your client?

Wellness plans bundle necessary services together into a defined schedule for the year, so clients can plan ahead. Set-price payments can be made in full or divided into regular intervals to make them more affordable for clients. This helps remove cost as a barrier and encourages pet owners to schedule visits sooner and more frequently.


Create custom lists, such as post-surgery instructions, that can quickly and easily be added to a patient’s medical history. See a centralized list of duties, requests, or action items within your practice that can be assigned to staff members, such as updating medical records and recording vital signs. This requires minimal setup, is completely configurable, and helps increase practice accountability and efficiency.

Lab integrations

Automatically request lab tests, define test result fields, and download results. Integrates with most of the leading blood chemistry analyzer solutions, including AXIS-Q, Abaxis, Hemagen, Heska, IDEXX, and scil.

View Covetrus Connect.

Forward booking

When you conclude an invoice, AVImark will prompt you to make a future appointment for your client and show all current appointments for the patient. Increasing the percentage of forward-booked appointments from 5 percent to 10 percent can generate $40,000 in additional revenue for a typical practice (AAHA State of the Industry Report, 2013).

Inventory management

Automatically keep accurate track of your retail and drug stock levels as well as your pricing. AVImark integrates with Cubex and Intelligent Inventory solutions.

Client communication compatibility

AVImark is fully integrated with the Rapport and Vetstreet Pro client communication tools, as well as other third-party appointment and wellness reminder software systems.

Mobile clinic (Sidekick)

Take AVImark with you into the field using the Sidekick option; AVImark lets you be as mobile as you need to be.

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Discover our rich array of materials designed to help you better understand the AVImark practice management software product. Download the product brochure, view a video, or peruse information about training options. Want to read what our current customers say about us? Check out our Capterra, G2 or GetApp reviews.

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Need to convert information from an existing system?

Our add-on conversion services cleanly transfer your current client information, patient information, medical history, treatment list and inventory list to your new AVImark software.

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