eVetPractice veterinary software

  • Cloud based

  • Ideal for mobile practices

  • Easy to use

  • Competitively priced

Do you need a flexible and mobile PiMS with simple, affordable pricing?

eVetPractice is a cloud-based system that allows you to access your veterinary practice management system whenever and wherever you need it. Enjoy the boundless benefits of the fastest-growing cloud solution in the United States and Canada—at a great value.

Mobile practice

$100 per month

per mobile vet

+$15 per additional vet

All prices in USD

All subscription plans include:

One doctor and all non-doctor staff

All eVetPractice features

Exceptional customer support

Web-based training

System upgrades and automatic backups

Pet owner portal


Stationary practice

$200 per month

per location

+$15 per additional vet

All prices in USD

What are the advantages of a cloud-based system?

eVetPractice eliminates servers and lets you take your practice out to the field. Leave behind server costs, maintenance and upgrades and enjoy automatic software upgrades. The software runs on any internet-enabled device, including tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Wide array of features

Electronic medical records

Eliminate the costly storage and time-consuming hours associated with paper records management. eVetPractice uses a flexible SOAP approach with customizable exam, history and lab forms. Easily store patient documents and locate patient data, including vaccination and rabies records.

Practice dashboard

Manage your appointment scheduling and patient flow clearly and easily. The configurable appointment calendar makes it easy to create and edit appointments. Display visits by type or assigned provider. You can even view visit highlights without leaving the calendar view.

Practice whiteboard

Upgrade your clinic’s dry erase board to an electronic whiteboard available throughout your clinic. Track patient flow and staff tasks to improve efficiency. Add or remove patient’s automatically with appointment status changes. Assign tasks by employee.

Do you need to understand your practice financials more thoroughly?

eVetPractice reporting options include Sales and End-of-Day reports, Accounts Receivable, Reminder Reporting, Inventory and Billing Items, Controlled Substance reporting, and many, many more. Manage every aspect of your practice with this wide array of financial and patient reports.

Customer-focused functionality

Pet owner-accessible portal

eVetPractice includes a client portal feature as part of the monthly subscription. Clients can access the portal 24/7 and view the following: personal information, medical records, payment history and account balance, scheduled appointments, education materials, and vaccination and rabies records. Clients can also use the portal to schedule appointments.

Wellness plans

eVetPractice gives you the ability to create wellness plans that are automatically controlled by the system. The system will keep track of the expiration of the plan as well as usage within that wellness plan by the patient. Wellness plans can also have payment plans set up which will automatically process the customer’s card on a schedule you dictate.

Client communication and marketing

eVetPractice integrates with multiple marketing and communications partners, offering a variety of choices to increase client compliance on any clinic budget. Covetrus’ Rapport communication suite has two-way integration with eVetPractice, so all the tools you need work together to provide your practice with the best results.

Do you want seamless integration with other systems in your practice?

eVetPractice excels at integration. This cloud-based software has numerous lab integrations, imaging integrations, inventory integrations, and accounting and financial integrations, as well as integrations with tools like speech dictation and microchip registration.

Integrated systems

Lab integrations

eVetPractice works with numerous in-house lab systems, including Abaxis, Heska, IDEXX, scil, and DiaSys. These integrations allow you to automatically retrieve test results as well as print or email the results. In addition, eVetPractice integrates with Antech Diagnostics and IDEXX VetConnect Plus Lab.

View Covetrus Connect.

Inventory integrations

eVetPractice allows you to connect your inventory within your system with Patterson eShelf’s catalog items. This gives you the ability to see real-time pricing as well as promotional information. eVetPractice also integrates with Cubex Veterinary Management Solutions, giving you solutions for managing pharmacy and supplies in your inventory.

View Covetrus Connect.

Accounting and payment integration

The connection between eVetPractice and QuickBooks allows a central accounting system without the need to duplicate entry of clients and invoices. And integrated payment processing helps you improve your practice’s efficiency by saving time, helping eliminate input errors, and easing end-of-day processing.

View Covetrus Connect.

Learn more about eVetPractice

Discover our rich array of materials designed to help you better understand the eVetPractice practice management software product. Download the product brochure or read one of our case studies. Want to read what our current customers say about us? Check out our Capterra or GetApp reviews.

eVetPractice brochure

Discover how cloud-based eVetPractice practice management software can improve your business.

Download the brochure

Wellhaven Pet Health testimonial

WellHaven Pet Health loves the technology in our eVetPractice software since it allows them communicate better with their clients, be more efficient in their workflows, and capture data that helps them evaluate the quality of their services.

Watch the video.

Testimonials page

Our customers love eVetPractice! Over the years, many of them took the time to share their excitement with us. Learn more why actual veterinarians recommend our software solution.

Read the testimonials.

Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital case study

Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital combined eVetPractice’s practice management power with the inventory and distribution strength of Covetrus North America.

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Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital case study

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital has been using eVetPractice since December 2017. Learn why they love this product.

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Ponchatoula Animal Hospital case study

Ponchatoula Animal Hospital started growing exponentially after Hurricane Katrina and needed more robust software to handle their growing practice.

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Read eVetPractice reviews on GetApp

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