Labels and supplies

  • Vet approved

  • Integrates with your workflow

  • Easy ordering

We offer convenient stocking of critical supplies — such as labels, Pet Detect printer supplies, and identification bands — to keep your veterinary practice running smoothly, so you can focus on your clients and patients.

You’ll receive high-quality products at wholesale prices, plus excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Practice management software compatibility

Our labels and supplies are ideal to use with the following practice management software solutions.


Over 10,000 customers have chosen AVImark for value and ease of use.  With easy-to-use functionality, unlimited seat licenses, advanced features to support paperless environments, and a defined, easy-to-follow path for going paperless, AVImark offers the tools you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

Discover the AVImark solution.

ImproMed & ImproMed Equine

More than 4,000 practices have chosen ImproMed for its enhanced reporting and real-time analytics, mobile applications, inventory optimization, multiple ways to go paperless, and much more, in one configurable system.

Discover the ImproMed solution.

ImproMed Equine

Equine practices face different challenges compared with small animal practices. These include inaccurate inventory counts due to multiple storage locations, or complex accounting when billing multiple owners, stables, or trainers. It can be difficult to effectively manage your business when spending a majority of your time in the field.

Discover the ImproMed Equine solution. 

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