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  • Highest quality business-grade payment solutions

  • Integrates with your workflow

  • Secure options protect your clients

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Why use Covetrus payment processing?

Online reporting, electronic signature capture, compliance with security standards, mobile payments, and competitive pricing make our Payment Solutions the most efficient and secure processing application possible.

Credit card processing that “talks” to your software

Did you know that the average veterinary practice processes at least 500 debit/credit cards swipes per month? And if those 500 swipes are on a payment system that isn’t integrated with your practice management software, you can lose up to 25 hours of productivity time in reconciliation and dual data entry. Integrated payment processing not only gives that time back to your staff, but it also shortens checkout time for each client by three to five minutes,

Veterinary businesses that aren’t able to integrate payments directly into their practice management solution are at a distinct disadvantage compared to their competitors. Consumers are evolving away from cash and check transactions and demanding seamless payment processes.

Save money and staff time with credit card processing services that are fully integrated with your eVetPractice, AVImark or ImproMed software. They’re quick and convenient to use and they eliminate missed charges and errors in transferring sale amounts from a separate terminal.

Here are three ways that fully integrated credit card processing service can save you time and make your practice more efficient:

  • Eliminate double data entry by securely storing the card information for future use.  No need for re-entry on the next visit.
  • Avoid wasting time sorting through invoices and receipts.  Charges are directly imported into your software and attached to the patient’s electronic file.
  • Reduce reconciliation time each day. Payments are automatically “posted-back” to your software, reducing errors, streamlining reconciliation, and saving you time.

Key benefits

Online reporting

Understand your daily transactions with simple reporting available at your fingertips.

Electronic signature capture

Easily capture client consent without the hassle of printing and scanning.

Compliance with security standards

Our solution complies with all major security standards: EMV, PCI, DSS.

Mobile payments

Accept mobile payments from customers to increase compliance.

Competitive pricing

Is your rate high or low? Bring it to us and we’ll provide a complimentary rate comparison.

Integrated with your Covetrus software

Simplify your end-of-day procedures with an integrated payment processing system.

Learn more about payment processing

Discover our rich array of materials designed to help you better understand your payment processing options. Download the product brochure, watch a video, or read a blog article about payment solutions.

Payment processing FAQs

Discover best practices for credit and debit card transactions.

Download the brochure.

Busy practice discovers right credit card solution

With a staff of 17 veterinarians and over 60 support personnel, Hobart Animal Clinic is not a typical veterinary hospital. The practice understands the value of a superior credit card processing solution that complements its work flow.

Read the case study. 

Payment processing video

Watch and learn how to save time, money and frustration by selecting the correct payment processing solution.

View the video. 

Making sense of EMV PCI DSS

Over the last couple of years you have probably read copious amounts of legal jargon on EMV and PCI DSS compliance, and the liability shift. Taking steps to protect your client’s credit card information starts with the right credit card processing solution.

Read the white paper. 

How much does each transaction cost your business?

Our Payment Processing Solutions offer a fully integrated, EMV-compliant payment platform for your credit and debit card processing with your practice management software.

Read the blog article. 

Are you paying more than you should to process credit cards?

Have you noticed more retailers starting to charge a credit card processing fee? That’s because businesses are starting to recognize the fact that the costs of accepting credit cards from customers are a lot more than is obvious at first glance.

Read the blog article. 

Practice management software compatibility

The Covetrus payment processing solutions are fully integrated with the following practice management software solutions.


eVetPractice is a cloud-based system that allows you to access your veterinary practice management system whenever and wherever you need it. Enjoy the benefits of the fastest-growing cloud solution in the United States—at a great value.

Discover the eVetPractice solution.


With easy-to-use functionality, unlimited seat licenses, and a defined, easy-to-follow path for going paperless, AVImark offers the tools you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

Discover the AVImark solution.

ImproMed & ImproMed Equine

Select ImproMed for its enhanced reporting and real-time analytics, mobile applications, inventory optimization, multiple ways to go paperless, and much more, in one configurable system.

Discover the ImproMed solution.

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