Sparkline Scorecard

  • Analytics specifically for veterinarians

  • Understand your customer data

  • Share insights across your practice

  • Dig deeper into your financial performance

  • Create detailed reports

How can Sparkline improve your profitability?

By identifying key KPIs and process improvements quickly and easily, you can capture missed charges, align standards of care, and grow your practice revenue.

Did you know that 60% of veterinarians aren’t using financial concepts to run their businesses, and many don’t review key metrics on a regular basis?*  They may be missing charges and losing revenue without even realizing it.

Sparkline Scorecard tracks over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor processes and activities and boost revenue and profits.  Sparkline works with your ImproMed software and displays critical practice information in an easy-to-read dashboard to show you what’s working … and what’s not.

Practices using Sparkline have reported:

  • 15% increase in average transaction value.
  • 20% increase in net revenue.
  • 30% increase in average revenue per customer.
  • Fewer missed charges.
  • More consistent standards of care from each veterinarian in the practice.

* AVMA, Economic Trends and Issues in Veterinary Medicine.

Learn more about Sparkline Scorecard

Discover our rich array of materials designed to help you better understand the Sparkline Scorecard solution. Read our case studies or blog articles.

Sparkline helps deliver double-digit growth

Sparkline delivers detailed management level analysis at the start of every month, delivering valuable decision-making data to practice owners or managers.

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Can your veterinary practice stand up to the competition?

Analyzing your veterinary practice’s financial and client data can give you a first-hand look at the health of your business while guiding marketing initiatives that give you a leg up on the competition.

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Measuring the right metrics

A successful veterinary business monitors a range of key performance indicators (KPI) to increase efficiency and profitability. Improvements to practice performance occur only when data is collected and interpreted using these KPIs.

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Practice management software compatibility

Sparkline Scorecard is fully integrated with the following practice management software solutions.


More than 4,000 practices have chosen ImproMed for its enhanced reporting and real-time analytics, mobile applications, inventory optimization, multiple ways to go paperless, and much more, in one configurable system. With ImproMed, you can streamline your operations and create a seamless workflow that fits the needs of your practice.

Discover the ImproMed solution.

ImproMed Equine

Equine practices face different challenges compared with small animal practices. These include inaccurate inventory counts due to multiple storage locations, or complex accounting when billing multiple owners, stables, or trainers. It can be difficult to effectively manage your business when spending a majority of your time in the field.

Discover the ImproMed Equine solution. 

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