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  • Understand your customers

  • Share insights across your practice

  • Successful business

Did you know that 60% of veterinarians aren’t using financial concepts to run their businesses, and many don’t review key metrics on a regular basis?*  They may be missing charges and losing revenue without even realizing it.

Sparkline Scorecard tracks over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor processes and activities and boost revenue and profits.  Sparkline works with your AVImark and ImproMed software and displays critical practice information in an easy-to-read dashboard to show you what’s working … and what’s not.

Practices using Sparkline have reported:

  • 15 percent increase in average transaction value.
  • 20 percent increase in net revenue.
  • 30 percent increase in average revenue per customer.
  • Fewer missed charges.
  • More consistent standards of care from each veterinarian in the practice.

* AVMA, Economic Trends and Issues in Veterinary Medicine.

How can Sparkline improve your profitability?

By identifying key KPIs and process improvements quickly and easily, you can capture missed charges, align standards of care, and grow your practice revenue.

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