The average small-to-medium size business spends 6.4% of its annual revenue on IT expenses. And Gartner’s latest IT Budget report shows that of this, healthcare companies spend a huge 74% just keeping their IT systems running.

This leaves just 16% of IT budget for growing their business, and 10% on transforming their technology to meet future needs.

This highlights the trap that companies often fall into: focusing on the upfront price of software without realizing the total cost of ownership, which includes things like maintenance and support, user licensing, training, upgrades and additional hardware.

However, many companies are now catching on to the benefits of moving from server-based systems to cloud computing. They are choosing to leave behind the false security of expensive and outdated in-house hardware and software systems and moving to the predictability of cloud-hosted subscription solutions.

Cloud services let you pay for the resources you need, when you need them, while letting you scale up as your business grows. They also give peace of mind knowing that your vital business systems are on a reliable platform supported by IT experts, which is something most veterinary practices can’t afford on their own. Plus, there’s no need to update software internally as this is handled automatically.

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All of this supports the logic that digitizing many of your clinic’s daily functions in the cloud – like medical record-keeping, sending reminder cards, credit card processing, and accounting – can increase efficiency and profitability.

Not convinced? Consider these numbers: If your practice has an annual revenue of $500,000 – spending 6.4% of this on IT equates to $32,000. And, if you’re a million-dollar practice, this works out at $64,000 just on IT! That’s roughly the cost of one full-time employee. Imagine how your practice would benefit from an extra pair of expert hands on the team.

Four benefits of cloud-based eVetPractice

To further back this up, give some thought to these four key benefits when you move your practice to a cloud-based practice management solution like eVetPractice:


One of cloud computing’s big advantages is that it requires less startup cost and effort than a local server because there’s no new equipment to buy or software to install. With eVetPractice you can migrate your existing patient records and other information to the cloud relatively quickly and easily and access them using any internet-capable device.

And training by our experts gets your practice up and running with your new tools right away, minimizing downtime.


Hardware purchase and installation costs can be a huge investment for any practice. Cloud computing allows you to simply pay for what you need each month. Also, you don’t have to call in external tech experts to maintain your equipment or fix server problems.

In addition, cloud computing is scalable. Traditional servers need expensive upgrades that can cost a lot upfront. If your business doesn’t expand as much as you had hoped for, that’s a wasted investment.

Choosing a cloud-based solution like eVetPractice means you can direct your saved money to other areas of your clinic where it’s needed more, like new equipment or other practice upgrades.


With cloud-based solutions, software upgrades happen automatically in the background, without you having to give them a second thought. Since they run on their own servers through a company who specializes in this area, they have the responsibility of keeping systems functional and bug-free. Since their business success depends on it, they understandably take this very seriously.

Because of this expert and dedicated focus, cloud solutions are generally a lot more reliable than having your own, in-house server.


We understand that every practice has unique needs, so our user-friendly cloud solutions are flexible enough to work for all types of situations, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar clinic, or a mobile or house call practice.

And space-saving features like electronic medical records mean you no longer have to worry about storing printed copies of patient records and laboratory results anymore. You can ditch the filing cabinets and use the space for more valuable uses.

Our cloud-based servers mean you can connect multiple locations wirelessly. And your system is available 24/7. You can access records from home; at night after the kids are asleep; from the road — whenever or wherever you need to. You can even access your system when the power is out! All you need is a device with internet access, like a laptop, or a tablet.

Our customer-focused technical support representatives are always here for you. When questions or problems arise, support is only a click away. You can reach us via email, phone, live chat, or scheduled on-site training.

What some of our customers say:

Practices that have already switched to eVetPractice’s cloud-based solution are enjoying the benefits. Dr. Rick Wall from The Woodlands, Texas notes, “I have been very pleased with all aspects, including support, of this cloud-based system for both my referral and primary care practices. The system can be easily customized to fit particular needs and there are continual additions and improvements to the software based on feedback from users.”

And Dr. Susan Haight from Alpharetta, Georgia says, “Cloud-based software is a great solution for me. I love that it is virtually paperless in so many areas, including records, emailing receipts and rabies certificates to owners, having lab results delivered into my patients’ records, sending referral information via email…all beneficial for my mobile practice and my time!”

Customers enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based technology as well as all our top-notch services and solutions, such as integrated payment processing, automated reminders, and data backup.

Consider how you could increase your practice’s revenue, save the money you’d spend on a server-based solution, and simultaneously implement a new technology solution that can move your practice forward?

eVetPractice’s affordable, cloud-based practice management solution can deliver all this. It makes your practice available when and where you need it, without expensive hardware. All you need is an internet connection and your device of choice, whether PC or Mac, tablet or laptop.

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