Practice management software is designed to help veterinary clinics run more smoothly and efficiently. However, poor training can result in your staff under-utilizing your solution, which could mean you’re missing out on the maximum return from your investment.

Covetrus research shows that most veterinary practices only use around 20 percent of their practice management software functionality. If you consider how many features you use on a daily basis, this raises the obvious question of how much more productivity and efficiency – along with cost savings – you could introduce to your clinic with greater utilization.

To illustrate this, a study by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), reported that only 17 percent of clinics fully automate their clinic records. Improved training would lift this level of utilization, and result in better scheduling, automated client reminders, improved recording of medical and surgical information, and more thorough reviewing of veterinarian performance.

Some of these advantages are being enjoyed by Covetrus clients. Improved training, for example, has helped lift the understanding of software functionality, which has boosted the accuracy and speed of payment processing.

According to The Learning Wave, companies that invest $1,500 per employee in training each year realize an average of 24 percent more profit than those who don’t. And training is a great staff retention tool too; IBM found that employees are 12 times more likely to leave a company due to lack of training and development opportunities,

Furthermore, one of the biggest costs for businesses is replacing an employee that’s left. It costs an average of 21 percent of an annual salary to do this.

Training is critical for a thriving team and growing practice. Training offered by Covetrus can be specifically tailored to the specific needs of your clinic, or as broad as desired, to maximize your employee’s capabilities.

AVImark offers over 1,000 web-based training sessions, both in video, review questions, and testing formats. New courses are added every month. ImproMed training focuses on specialized content for newer employees, as well as specialized applications, and also offers refresher modules. It focuses on software proficiency and confidence, improved clinical skills, increased efficiency, and reduced staff turnover.

The success of a veterinary clinic relies on more than just the quality of its veterinary professionals. Secure the future of your business by upskilling your staff in the latest technologies and techniques to keep your clinic running smoothly and encourage clients to return.

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